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Divorce | Splitting Up isn't the worst thing ever
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Why Choose Us to Complete Your Case?

Are You Looking to File for Divorce in Ontario? Contact Our Family Law Firm if You Require Assistance With Your Family Law Matter. Our Services Are Provided By Bluetown Law, a Family Law Firm Located at Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue in Toronto. Whether You Are Looking To File an Uncontested Divorce, Draft a Separation Agreement, or Need Assistance with Child Support or Child Custody Matters, Our Toronto Family Lawyer Will be Able to Answer Your Questions and Guide You Through This Difficult Time.

You Can Trust That Our Experienced Family Lawyer Will Complete Your Case in a Quick and Efficient Manner. Other Non-Lawyer Divorce Services May be Cheaper, But They are Not Members of the Law Society of Upper Canada and Are Not Accountable To You or Anyone Else If They Make Mistakes or Shut Down When Your Case is in Court. Contact Our Divorce Lawyer Toronto Immediately For Your Free Consultation.

The Divorce Process in Ontario

Here is the general Process of Filing a Divorce in Ontario

1. Contact Us

Contact us to set-up your free consultation at our firm. Our lawyer will assess your case and answer your questions. This is the first step.

2. Information Exchange

If you are ready to start the same day, we will ask you some questions and you will provide all the information required to start your divorce.

3. Court Filing

Within a couple of days, we will file your divorce application and start your case at the Ontario Superior Court. Your divorce case has officially started.

4. Serving Spouse

If you are filing a sole divorce (as opposed to a joint divorce), we will serve the court-stamped divorce documents on your spouse by regular mail.

5. Affidavit of Divorce

Once your spouse has been served and the necessary waiting period has lapsed, we will commission your affidavit of divorce and prepare it for court.

6. Court Filing

We will prepare the remaining documents, including the divorce order, and file them together with your affidavit of divorce at the courthouse.

7. Divorce Judgment

An Ontario Superior Court Judge will decide whether to grant your divorce based on the information and paperwork that is filed.

8. Final Divorce

Your divorce will take affect 31 days after the judge grants the divorce and signs the divorce order. At that time, you are legally divorced in Ontario.


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Child Support


Spousal Support

File Your Quick Divorce in Ontario

Our Toronto Divorce Lawyer will process your entire case. We offer a flat-rate fee for this service and an optional payment plan. Be confident that your case is being processed by a Family Lawyer. Quick, Simple and Affordable Service.

Separation Agreement in Ontario

If you are looking to draft a separation agreement in Ontario, our experienced Lawyer will talk to you about key issues in your case that should be included in the agreement. Learn more by clicking the button below or simply call us with questions.

Contested Divorce in Ontario

Although the majority of divorce cases are simple matters where the parties are in agreement about issues such as support, custody and division of property, some cases can get complicated. Consult our Family Lawyer Immediately.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

If you are going to marry in Ontario and were previously divorced outside Canada, you need to contact a lawyer for a foreign divorce opinion letter. You must submit a foreign divorce opinion letter along with your application for marriage.

Divorce Lawyer in Toronto, Ontario

Save Thousands of Dollars in Legal Fees By Using Our Toronto Divorce Lawyer Service To Process Your Divorce in Ontario.